Workers Comp


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Work-Related Injuries

Our goal in treating worker's compensation is to provide the patient with the highest quality of care and to return them to work in an appropriate and timely manner. For over 35 years, our clinic has provided excellent WC care to a large number of our area's businesses.


Breath Alcohol Testing

We perform Breath Alcohol testing at our facility. Breath Alcohol testing is a simple method of determining whether an employee is under the influence of alcohol while they are on the job.


Pre-Employment Physical Exams

We conduct pre-employment exams that match the requirements of the job you are offering. Our team will work with you to make sure that your new employees will be well suited in performing their tasks.


Respiratory Clearance Exams

The Leslie Clinic provides respiratory clearance exams to help ensure the protection of employees exposed to respirable toxins. This test also assists employers in making informed decisions about employee use of respirators.


Urine Drug Screens

With help from our medical professionals, you can avoid the negative impact of employee drug use on your company’s work quality and productivity. Rely on us to provide you with accurate urine drug testing.


COVID-19 Testing

For businesses that continue to operate during the COVID-19 pandemic, The Leslie Clinic provides COVID-19 testing services. We will conduct tests for you so that you can ensure the safety of your workers and customers.

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