Urgent Care


Giving You Easy Access to Quick Medical Attention and Care

At The Leslie Clinic, our team is composed of three skilled physicians and four attentive nurse practitioners. We are always ready to provide exceptional care to patients with urgent health needs at our center in Harrison, Arkansas.

Treating Various Conditions


Acute/Non-Life Threatening Injuries

For fast, precise, and excellent treatment of serious injuries, turn to our experienced team. We will stop the pain and start your healing so you can return to living your life.


Bee Stings

In most cases, bee stings are harmless. However, to some people, they can cause allergic reactions that can put an individual’s life in danger. Seek out medical attention if you notice other problems after a bee sting, such as dizziness and breathing difficulties.


Animal and Human Bites

Our team is here to assist you or your loved one after an animal or human bite. We will address your injuries quickly and efficiently to avoid any complications that may arise.


Burns and Cuts

At our clinic, we are experienced in treating severe burns and cuts. Count on us to provide you with relief from pain and the proper treatment so that you can go back to normal activities.


Diarrhea, Nausea, and Vomiting

These are symptoms you should pay attention to as there could be an underlying reason. If home remedies and over-the-counter medications do not relieve your diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting, rely on us to diagnose and treat your condition.



Most earaches are temporary, but chronic infections can lead to permanent damage to the ear. To avoid any complications, let our medical professionals evaluate your symptoms.


Eye Irritation

Trust our knowledgeable staff to treat your eye irritations, whether it is a minor issue or a more serious condition. We will diagnose your symptoms and offer the best possible treatment.


Ingrown Toenails

Turn to our urgent care providers if your ingrown toenail worsens or gets infected. We will provide you with high-quality treatment to relieve your pain and discomfort.


Kidney Infections

Let our team of healthcare professionals diagnose and treat your kidney infection. If you are experiencing troubling symptoms such as frequent urination and fever, seek out medical attention as soon as possible.


Nose Bleeds

At our facility, our reliable staff is equipped to handle nose bleeds. Visit our center if you are unable to stop the bleeding so that you can get the proper diagnosis and treatment.


Sore Throat

The Leslie Clinic has healthcare providers trained to address your sore throat. We will provide the medical care you need if your throat has not improved after a few days and your symptoms worsen.


Sports Injuries

When you experience rips and tears during exercise or sports, our medical team is ready to tend to your injuries. We will minimize any long-term effects and help you get back in the game.


Sprains, Strains, and Broken Bones

Let our medical professionals evaluate your sprains, strains, and broken bones so that you receive the treatment you need. With our help, you can return to your regular activities sooner.

Wound Care

Our experienced team treats a variety of wounds. We take great care in preventing cuts from becoming infected and developing into larger health risks. You can rely on us to help start the healing process.

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