In Person Visits


Receive the Treatment You Need Through Face-to-Face Consultations

Our premier facility accommodates requests for medical examinations for a variety of purposes. We perform annual physical exams for school and sports activities, as well as administrative physical and wellness exams. Our team also supports the various needs of our patients through in‑person visits.

Sick Visits

Your health is always our top priority. We work hard to diagnose and treat our sick patients as soon as possible.



Our skilled group provides immunizations to Adults 18 and over, only. We do not provide immunizations to children at this time.

Preventive Care

Determine or prevent diseases and other health conditions with our help. Our routine health care services will let you detect medical problems before they can become severe.

Chronic Condition Management

For patients with chronic health conditions, we provide ongoing medical care and resources to help them manage their lives daily.

Health Screenings and Diagnostic Testing

At our facility, we offer health screenings to help our clients detect health problems early. We also provide diagnostic testing to confirm the presence of diseases in individuals.


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